I remember the story of when my parents purchased their first property. My mom was elated and my dad was pissed. He had had his eyes on a brand-new 1981 Ford F150 with all the bells and whistles. A few years later, after they built their home, he got that Ford F-150 pick-up and it was everything he dreamed it would be and more, but as time passed, it lost its shine. Fast forward to forty-plus years later, that home is still here and has more than appreciated in value, while that Ford F150... I think we can find a photo of it somewhere. That was my first lesson about the importance of real estate. 

My ambition is to put as many individuals as I can, especially Bahamians, in a position to own real estate. I have seen this asset class change the financial carbon footprint of a family's lineage through acquiring land and/or property. Due to their upbringing, occupation, salary, education, or even self-doubt, a group of people still feel ostracized. I will dedicate my real estate career to creating a change in thinking to bridge that gap.

I earned a Bachelor's degree in Business Management and an Associate's in Computer Engineering and Electronics. My career started working for a media conglomerate in advertising. I moved on to become a brand manager for an international chemical company and then into commercial property management. I have always been intrigued by large buildings with ancient architectural designs still prominent hundreds of years later. My goal as a real estate professional is to educate, consult, and advise individuals, especially Bahamians, young and old, about real estate's importance in the quest for generational wealth building. Morley's mission statement, aligned with my personal goals, is grounded in a strong customer service foundation. With over 100 years of experience collectively in the real estate profession, from property management to leasing and to commercial and residential sales, the Morley brand has always embraced the promise of building strong relationships by putting the needs of our customers and clients first. 

I passionately believe that everyone should experience real estate ownership. For most individuals, this purchase would be the single-largest investment of their lifetime. With our experience, market knowledge and counsel, we are with you to the end and beyond. 

I believe that aligning with a company and brand that shares similar views and an outlook for the future, is paramount. With all that considered, Morley is a perfect fit. 

At Morley We are more than just agents; we are Here for Good.  

If you have any questions about real estate, Let's Talk.


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