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Wildlife Around the Bahamas - Morley

It seems like a dream, but it's real: You're looking at Nassau and Paradise Island homes for sale. You're moving to the Bahamas. There are so many great things to see and do here! One of the biggest draws is the wildlife. Here are a few you might run into.

  • Pigs. This will seem odd when you first see it. Pigs are farm animals and not native to the Bahamas. You would never think you'd see one swimming in The Bahamas. Yet there they are, pigs of all shapes, sizes, and colors, all along the beach, on the island of Big Major Cay—part of the Exumas Islands. No one is entirely sure how they got there, but they're an amazing sight to see.

  • Flamingos. If you want to see these large, majestic birds, head to Lake Rosa in Inagua. There are tons of incredible birds in the area, but the ones that stand out most are the bright pink flamingos standing on one leg in the salt flats.  

  • Sea Stars. Commonly called starfish, sea star is the preferred name because they aren't fish. You've seen them in pictures: five or more arms, spreading out from the center. Sometimes they have spines or bumps, and they come in a variety of different hues. The best way to see one in person is to snorkel around the coral reefs. Tour guides in the area will show you where and how to see them and tell you a bit about their fascinating biology.

  • Dolphins. If you go out in a boat in the right area, there's a good chance you'll meet a dolphin. There are special tours to see them, but they're not really necessary. In just about any boat, the dolphins will come up to see you before long. They're very friendly, and they love people. Meeting one face to face is an experience like no other.

  • Parrots. The parrots in the Bahamas are very distinctive. In addition to their traditionally green bodies, they have white heads and bright red necks. They're a protected species, so to see them, you'll have to find one of their designated habitats in Great Inagua, Great Abaco or New Providence.   It's worth the journey, though. They're incredible creatures.

  • Iguanas. These creatures can be easily foundi n the wildlife sanctuary known as Sandy Cay.  Islanders on Exuma and Long Island both claim that the Sandy Cay beach where the iguanas reside is part of their island territory. Whoever owns it, though, it's worth a trip to see them. Living under rocks near the pristine, white beach, the iguanas are friendly and will even let you feed them and take their picture.

  • Sea Turtles. There's a canal that connects Winding Bay with Half Sound, near the island of Eleuthera. That's one of the best place to see sea turtles. Go kayaking through the clear, blue waters, and you'll find them all around—in all different sizes.   Or just off the northern coast of New Providence, Green Cay, north of Rose Island is a turtle sighting hot spot.  

  • Nurse Sharks. We think of sharks as dangerous and terrifying, but this type is fairly docile. You can even swim with nurse sharks at Compass Cay Marina when you book a day tour to the Exumas. 

This is just a sampling of the wildlife you can find around the Bahamas. And when you live here, you'll have plenty of opportunities to see them. If you're ready to make the Bahamas your home, contact usOur agents will help you find your dream house.

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