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Out Islands - The Abacos & Eleuthera - Morley

Life in the Bahamas is generally idyllic, but there is much more to this stunning part of the world than just New Providence.  

On the out islands, you'll find a peaceful atmosphere and natural wonders, unlike anything you knew existed. This designation includes hundreds of islands, both big and small, but there are some clear standouts in this group. Our agents have compiled some highlights from The Abacos and Eleuthera to give you a better idea of what life is like in these untamed paradises.

  • The Abacos 
    Abaco comprises the mainland of Great Abaco and the surrounding Abaco Cays. This area encompasses many of the most beloved locations in the Bahamas, including Tahiti Beach, Treasure Cay, and the world-famous Hope Town Lighthouse. Our collection of Abaco homes for sale also spans both islands.

    The Sea of Abaco offers some of the best sailing in the entire Caribbean, especially for beginners and casual hobbyists. The many marinas scattered around give you plenty of opportunities to start and stop as you explore the pristine beauty of this incomparable location.  

    Swimming and diving are also popular activities for locals and tourists alike. Daredevils will enjoy scuba diving in Walker's Cay, one of the world's most famous spots for shark diving. Those who prefer to explore at a slower pace will delight in taking long cavern dives at Coral Caverns or The Cathedral, two stunning diving spots well-known for their beauty and accessibility.  

    Nature enthusiasts will love visiting Abaco National Park, a sprawling expanse of sand, island greenery, and bushy Caribbean pine trees that form a uniquely beautiful landscape. This is one of the only places on earth where you can observe rare birds like Bahama warblers, Bahama yellowthroats, and the endangered Abaco Parrot in their natural habitat.  

  • Eleuthera 
    Interested in seeing what The Bahamas looked like before the islands were colonized? Eleuthera is the place to go if you're visiting The Bahamas. This long stretch of land is still largely undeveloped and most closely resembles what the islands would have looked like in their untouched state. Our Eleuthera homes for sale are largely remote and perfect for those who prefer the quiet life. 

    Eleuthera's coastline is dotted with beautifully serene beaches, including Surfer's Beach and French Leave Beach. In addition to their relaxing seclusion, some of these shores have a unique additional feature: pink sand. This eye-catching visual change is caused by the presence of foraminifera, tiny single-celled organisms with a red exterior shell. As this shell breaks down, tiny particles mix with the natural white sand and tint it a pleasant peachy pink. 

    There are many other striking natural landmarks on the island, including the Glass Window Bridge (a tiny strip of land that divides the deep blue Atlantic Ocean and the turquoise waters of the Bight of Eleuthera) and the Cow and the Bull (two gigantic boulders said to have been tossed to the top of a cliff by an ancient tsunami). Perhaps the most well-loved of these is the Queen's Bath, a collection of shallow natural pools that warm to just the right temperature under the simmering tropical sun, or visit Preacher's Cave where the Eleutheran Adventures first settled. 

From boundless beaches to wide-open seas, there is so much to enjoy about life on the out islands. Contact us for more information on any of our properties in the Bahamas and learn how you can make this tropical paradise your home.  

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