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Out Islands - Harbour Bay and Exuma - Morley

The balmy shores and overgrown tropical foliage of The Bahamas' out islands are some of the most exquisite landscapes in the world. While their populations are low, the select few who live in these paradises wouldn't trade the experience for anything.

Following our Abaco and Eleuthera coverage, our agents have all the details on life on two more gems of the out islands: Harbour Island and Exuma.

  • Harbour Island 
    Harbour Island is considered by many to be one of the best out islands with a rich history and diverse attractions. Located just off the northern end of Eleuthera, the entire island is 3.5 miles long and 1.5 miles wide. One of its most distinctive natural features is Pink Sand Beach, which stretches across the entire eastern side of the island. You can swim or sunbathe on this stretch of rosy sand and even ride horseback along the shore.  

    Historic Dunmore Town is the heart of the island where you can live, shop or catch up on island news.   Check out some of these  Harbour Island homes for sale to find out whether you're a townie, which side of the island you'd rather live on, and what type of island views you prefer.  Replete with gorgeous examples of colonial architecture and pretty pastel-colored New England-style homes, there is something picture worthy everywhere you look. There are also many remaining markers of the past in this centuries-old colonial town, including St. John's Anglican Church and the Chapel Street cemetery. There are even preserved cannons hidden away behind overgrown foliage in some parts of the town. 

    Diving enthusiasts will find plenty to do off Harbour Island as well. The local Devil's Backbone has seen countless shipwrecks over the years that make interesting dives.   A little farther offshore there is a site where you might see Civil War era trains that went down with a ship decades ago. The wreckage from many of these catastrophic events is still visible when underwater, and divers can even explore some of these structures for themselves. If you prefer more typical diving environments, sites like High Head and Fairyland offer beautiful vistas of coral and sponges for you to enjoy.  

  • Exuma
    Also known as the Exuma Cays, this 120-mile island chain is studded with high-end resorts, celebrity homes, and our Exuma homes for sale, as well as many pockets of beautifully preserved natural space. The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, one of the first dedicated wildlife reserves in the area, is an excellent example of lush greenery and incredible biodiversity. 

    Exuma is an excellent spot for partaking in fishing, diving, kayaking, and all sorts of other water-related activities. Boaters can enjoy peerless sailing in the area around the Staniel Cay Yacht Club, a world-class boating club located on one of the busiest Exuma cays. Close by sits the Thunderball Grotto, a location featured in many movies where you can still enjoy snorkeling with a school of friendly fish. You can even visit the beach on Big Major Cay and see its beloved swimming pigs for yourself.  

    On Great Exuma (the chain's largest island), you'll find George Town, a bustling town that feels far larger than its tiny 2,000-person population would suggest. This is the place to enjoy all of the trappings of modern life, including markets, galleries, salons, and the popular Chat 'N' Chill beach bar.   George Town is the home of the Bahamas largest annual regatta that has become a tradition for islanders and visitors alike.  

Harbour Island and Exuma offer a unique combination of serenity and history that are hard to resist. If the atmosphere appeals to you, why not become a resident yourself? Many of our homes for sale are located in these beautiful islands. Contact us today and let our team show you all of the beautiful tropical homes throughout these islands and cays so you can find yours.  

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