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Gardening in The Bahamas - Homeowners - Morley

Many Nassau and Paradise Island homes for sale have lovely backyard gardens. If you purchase one of these homes, of course, you'll want to keep the garden looking fresh and healthy. You may even want to improve the landscaping and add more plants and features to the design. Gardening in The Bahamas does come with a few intricacies, but if you follow the tips below, you'll be off to a good start.

  • Rely on Raised Beds
    If you decide to add a garden to your yard, plant it in a raised bed. The native soil in The Bahamas is really thin, acidic, and devoid of nutrients. Building up a raised bed with compost and nutritionally dense soil will ensure your plants grow healthy and strong.

    One easy option is to create a raised garden bed with concrete cinder blocks. Two rows of cinder blocks will give your garden enough depth. Secure the blocks by putting metal rods or pieces of rebar in the holes in the center of the blocks. Fill your raised bed with a bagged soil mixture, and you're ready to plant.

  • Choose Tropical Bulb Plants
    Bulb plants are a great choice for your garden since they'll come back year after year. Just make sure you choose a type of bulb that grows well in the tropics. Good choices include caladiums, cannas, ginger, and elephant ears.

    Always plant your bulbs with the pointed side up. Ideally, you should have 4 to 5 inches of soil on top of the bulbs.

  • Use Phosphorus-Rich Fertilizer
    Fertilizing your garden a couple of times per year will help keep your plants strong and hardy. In The Bahamas, the soil tends to be high in nitrogen, so you want to avoid fertilizers that contain too much of this nutrient. Instead, look for a high-phosphorus fertilizer.

    Phosphorus will encourage flowering, whereas a high-nitrogen fertilizer might prompt the plants to develop too much foliage and fewer flowers.

  • Consider Potted Herbs
    Herbs can be a lovely and useful addition to your backyard garden. Sage, thyme, oregano, and mint can all grow well in the tropics. However, they will do best in pots.

    Try placing the pots around your garden for a little extra decoration. When the weather is poor, you can easily bring them inside. This will protect their tender foliage from harsh conditions.

  • Use Natural Pesticides
    Our agents are no strangers to the pesky bugs of The Bahamas. To keep these insects away from your garden, try using natural pesticides. Marigold sprays work well. You could also plant some marigold flowers around your garden. Most bugs don't enjoy their scent and will stay away.

  • Water Twice a Day
    The hot weather in The Bahamas can quickly dry out the soil in your raised beds. For best results, water your plants twice a day. The first watering should be early in the day before the sun rises. The second should be late in the evening after the sun sets. You don't want to water when it's sunny and risk scalding the plants.

    If watering twice a day is too much of a hassle, consider installing a sprinkler system. Most modern ones come with timers.

As long as you account for the poor soil and abundant sunlight, it is possible to grow a gorgeous garden in The Bahamas. If you're still looking for the perfect house and yard to call home, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll guide you through the process of house hunting on these stunning, tropical islands. 

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