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Island Living Misconceptions - The Bahamas - Morley

Our agents know that few experiences are more exciting and enjoyable than moving to a beautiful tropical island such as those you'll find in The Bahamas. Nassau and Paradise Island homes for sale provide buyers with all the beauty of the unspoiled tropics alongside many "mainland" amenities.

Whether you've visited The Bahamas for long periods before or simply researched it, you likely have a good idea of what to expect. Yet, some things about island living could continue to surprise you even when you've been here for quite a while.

Likewise, you'll surely field some interesting questions from family and friends back home!

Let's get down to the bottom of some common myths and facts about life in The Bahamas:

  1. You'll Be Spending All Your Time at the Beach
    When the average person pictures living in The Bahamas, sipping a drink while lying out on a beautiful white sand beach certainly comes to mind. It's not unusual for residents of all backgrounds to spend ample hours on the beach, but there are many other things to see and do. But if you do plan on spending lots of time at the beach, it's important to take proper precautions with the sun by using a wide-brimmed hat and lots of sunblock.

  2. Price of Living Is Rock Bottom
    In comparison to major cities of Europe and North America, The Bahamas as a whole can be equally friendly to your wallet. That said, some imports tend to be pricey. Luckily, if you're in the process of choosing a home, you have the opportunity to examine all the other costs that come with the lifestyle you want. In the end, the financial picture can remain quite rosy.

  3. You Can Expect a Low-tax Jurisdiction
    The Bahamas' government has implemented policies that are very friendly to North American, European, and  other potential homeowners from abroad. That said, you will need to consult a qualified tax expert with knowledge of your jurisdiction to determine if The Bahamas will reduce your tax liabilities. Tax in The Bahamas itself is typically very straightforward, primarily in the form of property tax, importation duties and VAT on all goods and services.

  4. The Internet Is Low Quality
    Ten years ago, there might have been some truth to the idea that the internet in The Bahamas could do with some improvement. Internet quality varies from one place to another, of course, and you should sample it as part of the due diligence that should go along with your home purchase. All in all, however, The Bahamas can now be proud of both the speed and reliability of its internet, though it may be affected by major storms.

  5. The Lifestyle Is Always Laid Back
    The islands offer a slower pace of life than many people are used to, especially if you come from a metropolis. That said, The Bahamas is a wonderful tapestry composed of all its many islands. Some certainly embody the "laid-back" ethos that has captured the imagination of so many and is known by many as "Island Time". Other areas can be quite fast-paced! It all depends on what appeals to you.

  6. Hurricane Season Spells Trouble Every Year
    Far from it. Just as you would expect from a place like Florida, you'll see plenty of "business as usual" in The Bahamas during hurricane season. There have been several years in which no hurricanes have impacted the islands. You should prepare for plenty of precipitation in the height of the rainy season and know which businesses you use have backup generators in case of power failures.

Contact us at Morley to discover more about relocating to The Bahamas.

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