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Top Amenities - Selling in The Bahamas - Morley

The playbook for selling high-end luxury Bahamas real estate—or any real estate for that matter—is evolving with time. Just a few years ago, all you needed to sell a luxury home in the Bahamas Islands was proximity to the beach and astronomical square footage. But the demographics of buyers have changed over the years, from affluent retirees to young tech millionaires and millennials looking for a remote working haven.

So, what do today's homebuyers want in a house? Here's what our agents have observed.

  1. Home Automation
    Smart home integration is no longer a luxury. It's now a necessity in many homes. However, in luxury homes, home automation takes on new meaning. The smart home-focused buyer wants a seamless living experience, from wireless security to programmable thermostats and intelligent water management systems.

    The aim is to create simple, enjoyable experiences tailored to each buyer's needs. This, of course, goes beyond mere voice automation. Buyers are looking for homes that are always ready to respond to their needs.

  1. Hobby Rooms and Luxe Entertainment Rooms
    The most luxurious homes always seem to have spaces curated to specific tastes, from art studios and meditation rooms to specially cooled rooms designed to preserve old books. That said, it's important to appeal to a wide variety of tastes when listing among Nassau and Paradise Island homes for sale. In this case, you can't go wrong with installing wine rooms, infinity pools, or an outdoor cabana. Buyers also love game rooms and theater rooms with built-in wet bars or even fully-equipped kitchens.

  2. Sustainability
    The majority of homebuyers today are interested in green living. But few have the luxury of choice, and those that do, don't compromise on sustainability.

    Sustainability, in this case, goes beyond just installing energy-efficient appliances and looks toward the design, function, and location of residences. A growing global trend prioritizes wellness real estate that looks at sustainability from both a social and environmental perspective. This means considering factors such as construction material and impact on wildlife such as sea turtles.
  1. Scenic Views
    Scenic views are a must-have when selling any property in The Bahamas. Someone is willing to pay for the feeling you get from waking up to the sun peeking over the water or the sound of waves crashing on a beach.

    A view is something a property either has or doesn't. But there are plenty of ways of enhancing a view. The best views are panoramic, meaning they offer a wide, unobstructed view of the harbor, beach, ocean or even your lush tropical landscaping. On that note, the view must be exclusive. Wealthy buyers aren't looking to share a beach with their neighbors. They desire exclusivity—a concealed oasis if you will.
  1. Multi-Purpose Spaces
    Few homebuyers today are interested in reshaping and renovating older properties to their tastes. Instead, they want to move into homes already fit for purpose. As such, they have very little tolerance for outdated designs or inflexible spaces.

    Homebuyers want ease of living and space that gives them the freedom to work from home for several days without interfering with their lifestyle. For instance, dining rooms that double as conference rooms or playrooms that can be transformed into learning environments for young children.

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