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Legal Side of Getting Married in The Bahamas - Morley

When considering Nassau and Paradise Island homes for sale, you might find that the next step is to find more ways to make the most of your new Bahamas home. Our agents note more buyers are choosing to get married throughout the islands of The Bahamas.

A unique destination wedding here in The Bahamas is the ideal way to kick off the next chapter of your island life. It can also serve as a celebration of your home purchase, even if closing day is still pending. Most inquiries about getting married in the Bahamas come from U.S., Canada, and EU nationals. No matter where you come from, there are important things for you to know.

Arranging a Legal Wedding in The Bahamas

Nassau and Paradise Island are two of the most sought-after places to hold a wedding in The Bahamas, so finding an excellent venue is easy. Making sure you have everything you need for a wedding to be legal can be a bit more complicated.

A purely symbolic wedding can be held at a location with an officiant of your choice without any extra work. That said, you will need to make separate arrangements either before leaving for The Bahamas or when you return to your country of origin, so your marriage has legal standing.

If you wish to be fully legally wed in The Bahamas, you'll need to take these steps:

  • Provide the Required Documents
    Both parties must bring a government-issued photo ID, such as a passport, along with proof of the date you arrived in The Bahamas (your immigration card or entry stamp will suffice.) If previously married, you will need divorce or death certificate paperwork. You must also submit a document that attests you are single: It must be notarized within The Bahamas, typically at the U.S. Embassy.
  • Abide by the Waiting Period
    You must wait at least 24 hours before applying for your marriage license in The Bahamas. The process is very efficient, and you can plan to have your license in hand 24 hours later. At that point, you may go ahead with your ceremony at any time! As long as there are two competent adult witnesses, you may then sign and submit the completed marriage license to be processed.
  • Pay the Appropriate Fees
    A wedding in The Bahamas will entail a few extra fees, but nothing that will break the bank—especially about your investment in a beautiful new home! A marriage license costs about $120, although this increases periodically. Additional fees may apply depending on the qualifications of your officiant. The total cost may include incidental processing fees when working with a wedding planner.

Your Unforgettable Bahamas Wedding Is Just a Quick Flight Away

From the United States, most travelers will spend only a few hours in the air to get to The Bahamas. If departing from Miami, you may spend as little as 45 minutes in transit. Most overseas flights debark at Nassau's Lynden Pindling International Airport, minutes from gorgeous beaches and venues.

To make the whole process simpler, many travelers and future Bahamas Islands property owners choose to engage the services of a certified wedding planner. A planner can take care of venue rental, catering, special touches like live music, and all the details related to your marriage certificate.

The experts at Morley will be glad to put you in touch with qualified professionals to help your special day be the best it can be. Contact us today to learn more.

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