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Expert Tips for Expats - Bahamas Islands Living - Morley

The allure of life in paradise is attractive to people from all over the world, but our agents know there's more to making the most of it than simply showing up here in The Bahamas. To enjoy all that a Bahamas islands lifestyle offers, it's important to be prepared in some key ways.

"Expats," those who choose to move to The Bahamas long-term, are a very important part of the economy and society here. The rise in remote work means that you often don't need a new job, but you may benefit from making other tweaks.

Few expats really spend all of their time lounging on the beach. After finding the best Nassau and Paradise Island homes for sale for them, they want to enjoy their new home, of course! Here's a taste of what you should know as you prepare for a long—or even permanent—stay.

  1. Seek Out Community Early On in Your Adventure
    As a newcomer to the islands, it will be easy to find friendly faces to greet you. Still, many people report some degree of homesickness at the start. There are many volunteer organizations, charities and social clubs where you can share tips and enjoy camaraderie with those of a similar background. Often, these organizations hold luncheons, charity events, and other get-togethers.

  2. Adjust to a More Relaxed Pace of Life
    One amazing benefit of living on the islands is that many people enjoy a shorter commute. This may save you hours daily and days or weeks over time. People here tend to be more relaxed about appointments and schedules, so recognize that you will benefit from adapting.

  3. Plan Ahead to Meet Special Dietary Needs
    Bahamian cuisine makes extensive use of delicious local seafood. Bear in mind that because many vegetables need to be imported, it takes some additional planning to sustain a strict vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Restaurants now are also more accommodating with this concept.

  4. Examine Your Healthcare Options
    Healthcare in The Bahamas is considered exceptional within the region and has continued to improve markedly over the years. The government funds the healthcare system, and there are many ways to access it, but private healthcare options and those focused on expats are also readily available. As you would elsewhere, exercise due diligence by comparing your options with appropriate research.

  5. Prepare for the Wonder of Junkanoo
    In your first year staying in The Bahamas, don't pass up the chance to experience one of its cultural touchstones. Junkanoo is a traditional street parade on Boxing Day and New Year's Day. Competitive dancing and traditional music are showcased along with the very colorful costumes and floats.

  6. Connect With a Tax Expert
    The Bahamas is well known for a tax system that's remarkably positive toward foreign residency and investment. However, you should still think twice before trying to navigate it on your own. It's wise to consult your current tax expert for advice. 

Are you intrigued about all The Bahamas has to offer? Morley is here to help you make your dream of island life a reality. Our real estate agents are happy to assist. Contact us to learn more.

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