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3 Value-Propositions of Commercial Real Estate Agents


We're Morley, a real estate company owned and operated by Bahamians with experience spanning four generations...

We're Morley, a real estate company owned and operated by Bahamians with experience spanning four generations...

Nov 18 3 minutes read

Would you ever let your dentist perform brain surgery? Well this may be an extreme example, but certainly one that gets the simple message across that you should hire the real estate agent that you believe is most qualified and experienced to undertake your specific real estate transaction.  Yes, commercial real estate agents (CRE Agents) represent Buyers and Sellers of commercial real estate generally in the same way that residential agents represent Buyers and Sellers of homes. The primary difference between transactions of these two types of properties is that commercial properties (i.e. retail, office, multi-family and industrial) are significantly more complex.

In addition to representing Buyers and Sellers, CRE Agents also represent owners (landlords) and occupants (tenants) of commercial real estate in leasing transactions. Not only are there more business terms to negotiate in a commercial lease transaction, a commercial Lease Agreement therefore contains significantly more intricate covenants, terms and conditions in comparison to a residential lease transaction.

CRE Agents have the same fiduciary duty with landlords and tenants as they do with Buyers and Sellers - the achieve the best price, terms and conditions for you, the client!

What are the 3 value propositions of CRE Agents?

  • CRE Agents are trained and experienced experts who bring their expertise to the commercial real estate transaction. CRE Agents have access to market data and information and analyze it to help their clients make wise and sound commercial real estate decisions. CRE Agents with the CCIM designation have successfully completed core concept education specifically applicable to commercial real estate and together with years of transactional experience CCIM designees are able to analyze, interpret and solve problems more quickly and effectively.
  • CRE Agents have proven successful “processes”, specific to commercial real estate. From listing commercial properties, to marketing to negotiations, CRE Agents are far better adept to the needs of their clients. CRE Agents work with their clients to achieve the best possible price, terms and conditions – all in a timely manner through proven processes.
  • CRE Agents have relationships that have developed over time and through experience. When confronted with an issue, CRE Agents can call on colleagues in their network to help resolve it. These relationships are helpful in accomplishing client goals and objectives.

CRE Agents use their expertise, processes and relationships to quickly and efficiently solve the commercial real estate needs of their clients.

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