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Sellers Guide For Bahamas Real Estate

Three generations of experience have taught us that there are two major factors that influence a Seller's property sale in the Bahamas - pricing and exposure.

Morley agents have represented Sellers on waterfront properties, private islands, gated communities and traditional residential neighborhoods. Years of practical experience and market knowledge combined with our company's teamwork philosophy means our agents have the most up-to-date market price knowledge. Combined networks and a vast array of marketing resources allow our agents to showcase each property to qualified buyers locally and globally.

Our process is about you, your plans, your property and providing the personalized attention and services you deserve.

The Selling Process

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  • Determine the lifestyle features of your property that you most enjoy. These features can help us market your property and find a buyer.
  • Know your reasons for selling and be ready to discuss them with your Morley agent.
  • Please choose one of our agents to represent your best interests. They will keep you informed throughout the entire selling process. Morley agents specialize in different areas of Bahamas real estate. They have developed strengths based on their education and years of practical experience.
  • The Relationship: Morley agents share with you a complete picture of the steps involved in selling property in the Bahamas. Our relationship starts by sharing information, knowledge of the Bahamas real estate market and attorney recommendations. A Morley agent will provide you with a comparative market analysis to assist you in pricing your property correctly. In turn, be direct with your agent about your needs and expectations. Your agent will keep you updated and informed throughout the entire selling process.

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  • It is essential to get your property "buyer-ready." Your Morley agent will provide you with a list of items to prepare your property for showing. Remember, "first impressions are lasting impressions," so cleaning the interior and exterior and staging your house for showings will increase its curb appeal.
  • Your Morley agent will provide you with a detailed marketing plan that will include web-based, print, social and multi-media campaigns.
  • Your Morley agent will show your property to as many potential buyers as possible.
  • Your agent will present offers to you in writing in the form of a letter of intent. This letter of intent will detail the price and all the various terms and conditions. You and your Morley agent will discuss the offer and strategize how best to move forward with the negotiations.
  • On agreement after negotiation, the buyer and seller sign the final letter of intent. Your attorney and the potential buyer's attorney receive a copy of the signed letter of intent. Your attorney uses the details contained in the signed letter of intent to create the Agreement for Sale. On or before the potential buyer's execution of the Agreement For Sale, the potential buyer will pay its attorney a 10% deposit.
  • Under the Financial Transactions Report Act, 2018, all real estate agents and developers (as well as attorneys) are required to obtain Know Your Client/Customer (KYC) information on both the buyer and seller in a real estate sale or purchase. 
  • The contracted purchase terms often include contingencies – financing, home inspection, appraisal, etc. Your Morley agent will coordinate these efforts to get any contingencies satisfied promptly.

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